Planning a Portrait      
Preliminary Work

Discussion with the client is a welcome and necessary aspect of the portrait procedure.

Of utmost importance is a trusting relationship between the painter and the client. It is in my clients' best interest for the artist to accept input and assistance in choosing the setting, wardrobe, pose and lighting for the subject of the painting.

It is not just how I place paint on canvas that makes me an artist. It is how I see, arrange, compose, and respond to the subject that are of equally important.

I will work carefully with you to ensure that your painting will be a true, classic portrait, that captures the likeness as well as the spirit of the subject.

Whenever possible, I prefer to spend some time merely chatting with and getting to know the subject prior to and during photography session.

Witnessing gestures, the expressions and the attitudes that are then captured in memory, help to the artist to recreate on canvas a true likeness — a reflection of the person that is known, not just a correct arrangement of features.

For our first meeting, I will schedule a photography session at a mutual convenience, if outdoors, the hour will be important for lighting.
This first session  can take place  in avariety of locations, and will take a couple hours.
Extensive photographic reference material is gathered to allow me to proceed in my studio after the sitting concludes.

All photos are for my use only in creating the final painting.
Note that all photos taken will  remain the exclusive property and copyright of Artist, though I will provide to you copies of the images in jpg.

We will discuss preferred poses and expressions in the photos and choose  images that are similar to what you would like in the finished portrait.  Usually this process is going through the images and narrowing them down - the client chooses some favorites, the artist eliminates ones that may not be best,  and send back for the cleint to choose favorite (s)  look - sometimes a combination of images are used- hair in this one, expression in that one, for example.  This process back and foth can take a few emails to narrow down to choice. This can be done in email.  

It is important to understand, I prefer to work from my own photography and that, except in the case of posthumous portraits, or surprise gift portraits that is how I like to work.

However if you have a photograph you think would make a great painting - that can be considered.

The way I photograph is guided by my sensitivities as a painter, and observer of people. and light.  Lighting is so important and will greatly effect the finished work.

Photography Fees

In principle, I do not charge anything extra for the photo session, as that is part of the commission. If however the portrait commission is terminated prior to beginning work,  a fee of $100 is to be paid, as a stipend for time and the photographs will be provided to client.

Otherwise, the only cost for photography would be travel expenses to locations farther than 50 miles from my studio. I am willing to travel round trip to any location worldwide at nothing more than the cost of my expenses plus a reasonable amount more for my time.
Painting the Portrait      

Back in my studio, I begin developing the portrait through drawings and color studies.
I Will share preliminary work via email and client is invited to comment on this preliminary work.

, I begin the final painting, WORKING on fine linen Canvas.

I use only the finest professional brushes, paints, mediums and other materials available to assure your portrait will be archival, museum- or heirloom-quality

When the painting is finished, I will deliver it personally or by insured carrier, crated for safe transport and delivery.

Client is responsible for delivery costs
Framing is not included

Delivery Schedule will be discussed and agreed upon when painting is commissioned - working within the needs of both the client and artist's available time.

A 1/2 deposit of the total portrait fee is required to start the portrait procedure. and is non refundable.

The balance, including all agreed upon additional expenses  (travel, packing, shipping and handling,) is due upon delivery of the portrait. Invoice provided.  COD

Travel, reasonable lodging, and meal expenses are additional when it is necessary for travel for Photo session or if asked to deliver in person.

The prices listed below are for my intuitive yet realistic  style of portrait painting,  backgrounds are usually painted impressionistically, or somewhat abstract and painterly, unless agreed upon in advance and priced accordingly.

Portrait painting  Fees     

Head and Shoulders (Bust)
 hands or musical instrument will increase fees
may include room elements or natural setting, painted loose/impressionistic style

11 x 14    thru   32 x 26    ( inches )                 $650  -  $4000
fee will be dependent on size, what is included in painting,
( hands, instrument, additional person.  or   Detailed background, )